Parkway FFA Recycling

The chapter is having the drop off day every 3rd Saturday of every month. The time to drop off will be any time between 8:00am and 12:00pm behind the school.

Here is a list on how all recyclables should be sorted. 


Aluminum Cans

        Beverage Cans


        Pie Pans 


        Newspaper *Remove from plastic bags


        Magazines   *Please remove all sealed plastic packaging

        Junk Mail

        Office Paper

        School Papers

    ** No Hardbacks

   ** No Plastic Bags 


        Flattened Corrugated Boxes

        Food Boxes (wax inserts removed)

        Pop Cartons 

Tin Cans

        Food Cans (Fruit, vegetables, etc.)

        Empty Aerosol Cans

    ** Please rinse, labels can stay on 

Plastic Containers

            #1 and #2 three-gallon containers or less, such as

        Milk Jugs

        Pop Bottles

        Detergent Containers

    ** Please rinse and remove all caps

    ** No Automotive, Agricultural or Medical containers 

Glass Bottles and Jars Only

    ** Please rinse and remove lids

    ** Colors can be mixed

    ** Labels can stay on

    ** No Window Glass, Pyrex, Ceramics, Light bulbs or other Treated Glass

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