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Feed The Farmers - Fall 2022
by reporter Amanda Barrett

The Parkway FFA officers chose to participate in an event called, Feed the Farmers. Feed the Farmers is a way the chapter can give back to the community and help our farmers during the stressful season of harvest. The officers worked together to make meals that included a pizza sub, granola bar, chips, apple sauce, and a cookie. As the officers split into groups they gave out 80 meals to local farmers. A special thanks to all the farmers and families that work so hard during harvest season, and all year round.




2022 FFA National Convention - Fall 2022
by reporter Amanda Barrett

The Parkway FFA Chapter attended the National FFA Convention and Expo to look back on another great year in the organization. The trip started out with 14 Parkway students traveling to Fort Recovery to tour J&M Manufacturing company to see how farm equipment is built. After that, they traveled to Indiana and toured Poet Bioprocessing in Alexandria IN, Albanese Candy Factory in Merrillville IN, Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks IN, and RDM Aquaculture Shrimp Farm in Fowler IN. After two days of touring the FFA members got in their official dress and went to the opening ceremony. The next two days the students sat through sessions where they listened to the National Officer team, keynote speakers Tamika Catchings and Coty Back, and the State FFA Band and Chorus. In between each session, the students had the opportunity to walk around the Convention Expo. The expo center is a place for businesses, colleges, and organizations to set up booths. Students then get the chance to go around and learn about what each booth has to offer. Carter Hellwarth was able to represent Ohio by qualifying for Nationals in the Prepared Public speaking CDE. He had to write a 6-8 minute speech fully memorized about something Agriculture-related and answer questions after giving his speech for 5 minutes about the topic. Carter chose to write about Victory Gardens, he said, “My speech was about comparing historic gardening practices in America and how a movement of further gardening could have many benefits, especially in Agriculture awareness.” The journey to Nationals started in the spring when Carter went to the State competition, and after two rounds won the Prepared Speaking CDE for Ohio. After winning Carter had to practice and prepare for the big day in Indianapolis. On October 26, 2022, Carter represented Ohio at Nationals and was able to place in the bronze category. Carter said, “This was a great opportunity for me to meet great people and members from other states.” Ohio and Parkway were well represented at National Convention this year.



Fall Soils CDE - Fall 2022

By reporter Amanda Barrett

The Parkway FFA chapter participated in the Ag and Urban soils CDE this fall. The soils CDE is a competition to judge the precious token of farming, soil. Each student is given a card with an assortment of questions. Then, the student fills the card out to the best of their ability, judging the different qualities of the soil. Some questions include soil texture, color, and landform usage. At districts, both teams did well but the Urban team strived the most. Placing 2nd in Districts, the Urban team was able to advance to the State level. This team consisted of Carter Hellwarth, Madison Jacobs, Scarlett Laux, and Gaven Garwood. At state, they placed 17th, short of going to nationals in Oklahoma.



Parkway Students dressed up for Flannel Friday FFA

By Parkway FFA Reporter Ansley Burtch 


During the week of February 22nd through the 29th, the Parkway FFA chapter, along with all FFA chapters around the nation, celebrated National FFA Week. To kick off the week, Parkway decided on themed dress up days to entice student participation, hosted agricultural games at lunch, picked at the student body’s brains with trivia about agriculture, and encouraged school spirit towards the National FFA Organization! On Tuesday, Parkway’s chapter invited all students to drive their tractors to school for a chance to win a prize. Wednesday involved a truck drive in day with the same opportunities. Throughout the entire week Parkway’s chapter hosted a coloring contest for their elementary school and a school-wide canned food drive—the cans collected were donated to Parkway’s local food pantry. There was money also collected during the canned food drive as an easier way for students to participate, this money bought canned meat for the food pantry as well as the previous collections. Parkway’s FFA chapter wrapped up FFA Week with their annual petting zoo as a way for the students to experience farm animals and a school-wide pep session with agricultural competitions between teacher and student teams! Parkway FFA has hosted another successful National FFA Week and is excited for next year.  



Parkway Student Wins State FFA Creed speaking contest

By Parkway FFA Reporter Ansley Burtch 

Carter Hellwarth has recently made history within the Parkway FFA Chapter. On Saturday, March 7th Carter traveled to Marysville, Ohio and competed in the Creed Speaking CDE. The Marysville competition is recognized as the state Creed Speaking contest for the state of Ohio. Carter memorized the FFA creed. which consists of five paragraphs and acts as a pledge. After weeks of preparation Carter was ready to compete. He stood in front of judges and recited the creed with enthusiasm and a clear voice. After hours of waiting, Carter was notified of his placing. Carter Hellwarth made history in the Parkway FFA chapter by being the first member to win the State Creed Speaking CDE.  








Parkway's Annual FFA Week

By: Mecaylah Hesse

Parkway FFA Reporter

This past week, February 18th- February 22nd, 2019 the Parkway FFA chapter held their annual FFA week. Although the week was shortened by weather conditions and cancellations, Parkway FFA was still able to hold all planned events. Tuesday, February 19th, the apple dessert bake-off and truck drive-in was held. There were 6 winners for the apple dessert contest between the top 3 best looking and top 3 best tasting (winners are listed below). The truck drive-in had 5 winners including the smallest truck, biggest truck, cleanest truck, newest truck, and oldest truck (winners are listed below). Then on Thursday, February 21st, the tractor drive-in was held. With many participants, 6 were awarded prizes for the biggest, smallest, cleanest, newest, oldest, and best overall tractors (winners listed below). Finally, to wrap up the short-but-fun week, Parkway FFA held their annual petting zoo and member luncheon on Friday, February 22nd. Grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade were invited to go down to the Ag shop and see various farm animals that were brought in by FFA members including chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, calves, lambs, and a donkey. In addition, the FFA held a week-long canned food drive to help collect canned goods to donate to the local food pantry. The Parkway FFA would like to thank all members who participated in the week’s activities.  


Top 3 Best Looking Desserts: 

1. Keaton Zizleman 

2. Gracyn Temple 

3. Aiden Anderson 

Top 3 Best Tasting Desserts: 

1. Aiden Anderson 

2. Parker Mihm 

3. Gracyn Temple 

Truck Drive-In Winners: 

Smallest- Leah Harshman 

Biggest- Bryce Mihm 

Cleanest- Cory Agler 

Newest-Conner Lyons 

Oldest- Adam Stephenson 

Tractor Drive-In Winners: 

Smallest- Tyler Rider 

Biggest- Colton Kraner 

Cleanest- Corey Walls 

Newest- Conner Walls 

Oldest- Bryce Mihm 

Best Overall- Lance Weirrick 



Best Looking Desserts

Best overall tractor


Canned Food Drive






Parkway FFA Members Participate in the Mercer County CDE Invitational

By: Mecaylah Hesse

Parkway FFA Reporter


On Saturday, March 16th, 2019 the Parkway FFA took multiple CDE teams to the Mercer County CDE Invitational. The agronomy team placed 3rd out of 14 teams, equine management placed 19th out of 38 teams, general livestock placed 59th out of 61 teams, milk quality and products placed 2nd out of 5 teams, and the wildlife team placed 18th out of 20 teams. Congratulations to all the participants and good luck at the state competition which will take place on March 23, 2019.  



Parkway FFA Participates in Ag Mechanic Skills CDE

By: Mecaylah Hesse

Parkway FFA Reporter


On Friday, March 8th, 2019 Parkway FFA members Colton Kraner, Justin Felver, and David Sheets traveled to Vantage Career Center to participate in the Ag Mechanic Skills CDE. They were required to determine different mechanical parts, oils, and welds. As a team, the boys placed 7th out of 16 teams. As individuals, Kraner placed 30th, Felver placed 15th, and Sheets placed 18th out of 48 participants.  



Parkway FFA Participates in the Marysville CDE Invitational

By: Mecaylah Hesse

Parkway FFA Reporter

On Saturday, March 2nd, several Parkway FFA members attended the annual Marysville Invitational for spring CDE’s. Parkway had a team for the following contests: general livestock, equine management, wildlife, agronomy, and dairy foods. General livestock placed 82 out of 100 teams, equine management placed 54 out of 70 teams, wildlife placed 13 out of 50 teams, agronomy placed 8 out of 23 teams, and dairy foods placed 8 out of 22 teams. In addition to these five teams, Kiersten Roehm went as an individual for public speaking in extemporaneous and placed 5th. The next competition the teams will compete in is the Mercer County invitational on March 16th. 



Parkway FFA Christmas Party
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

On December 27th, 2018, Parkway FFA members who chose to attend, convened at Pla-Mor Lanes in Coldwater, Ohio. The FFA provided those who came with free bowling and pizza as a Christmas gift for the members. The members would like to thank the Parkway FFA for the fun experience and Pla-Mor Lanes for hosting the party.

Pictured Back: (Standing, left to right)- Cade Schoenleben and Jack Wehe
(Middle row, left to right) Mecaylah Hesse and Tessa Thatcher
(Front row, left to right) Erica Post, Madison Kroeger, and Molly Post


Coldwater Leadership Night Well Attended

By: Mecaylah Hesse

Parkway FFA Reporter


On December 18th, 2018 four students from the Parkway FFA went to the Coldwater Leadership Night which was held at Coldwater High School. Parkway FFA members Conner Lyons, Corey Walls, Madison Kroeger, and Mecaylah Hesse were in attendance along with many other members from surrounding FFA chapters. Two Ohio state FFA officers, Gretchen Lee (state secretary) and Kaylyn Strahley (state treasurer), were also in attendance Tuesday night to teach the hour-long presentation for the members. Students learned about exceeding their expectations, setting goals for themselves, and pushing themselves to be better people and leaders. The Parkway FFA would like to thank Coldwater High School for holding this leadership night and would also like to thank Gretchen and Kaylyn for spending time with Mercer County FFA chapters. 

Pictured Above:

Coldwater Leadership Night 1- (left to right) Madison Kroeger, Corey Walls, Conner Lyons, and Mecaylah Hesse



Parkway FFA Chapter Members Visit Elementary Classrooms to Teach
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter


For December PALs, the Parkway FFA Chapter ventured down to the first and second-grade classrooms to teach the students about trees, pigs, and reindeer. The young pupils learned about the growing cycle of apple trees, the sizes and manners of pigs, and many facts about reindeer. The Parkway FFA Chapter would like to thank the first and second grade teachers for being so welcoming and supportive of the PALs program.


Dec PALS 2- Faith Shellabarger talking with the young students about apple trees.

Dec PALS 1- Mecaylah Hesse helping students water their apple trees that they planted in a cup.




Parkway FFA Holds Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance
Mecaylah Hesse
FFA held its annual Daddy-Daughter dance on Saturday, May 12, 2018 for girls in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. The girls wore their best dresses and danced the night away while enjoying refreshments and snacks. When first arriving to the dance, the people in attendance went to get their pictures taken by Joyce Dicke. After pictures, the girls were free to enjoy time with their friends and escorts. The FFA would like to thank Joyce Dicke for taking the pictures, the FFA members who volunteered their time to help with the dance, and Chad Ransbottom for DJ'ing the dance.



Parkway FFA Attends the 91st National FFA Convention and Expo
By: Kiersten Roehm, Parkway FFA Historian
Submitted by Mecaylah Hesse, Parkway FFA Reporter

On Tuesday, October 23rd, the Parkway FFA Chapter joined the Lincolnview, Crestview, and Wayne Trace Chapters to attend the 91st National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. National FFA Convention is a time for all chapters in the nation to gather. While at the convention, there are sessions that members and guests may attend to listen to the National Officer Team speak. Keynote speakers as well as the National FFA Band and Chorus join the officers on stage to speak and perform. On Tuesday, the four FFA chapters went to Universal Lettering in Van Wert, Wilson Football Factory in Ada, The National Museum of the U.S. Airforce outside of Dayton, and Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield. At Universal Lettering, FFA members watched as the very jackets worn by FFA members everywhere were made from start to finish. At the Wilson Football Factory, FFA members watched the process of high school through professional level footballs being made. This process takes many different stations to complete, starting with the cowhide and ending with an inspection of all footballs. The National Museum of the U.S. Airforce allowed the students to view many previously used aircrafts in the many wars fought by the U.S. military. Jungle Jim’s International Market was a great experience for the FFA students. They were introduced to new foods that aren’t commonly sold in their respective counties. Wednesday included a tour at Cargill, a grain elevator. At this grain elevator, the grain is shipped off in barges on the river that runs alongside the property. The Buck Creek Winery was another stop for the FFA members. At this location, members were invited to go to the vineyard to see the many types of grapes. Once seen, members listened as the owner of the winery went through the wine making process. Later in the night was the Garth Brooks concert that many had been looking forward to! The next two days were full of speakers, new knowledge from the booths set up, and new friends from across the nation. The 2018 National Convention trip is one that these students won’t forget.



Jungle Jims- Tessa Thatcher (left) and Madison Kroeger (right)

Cargill- (Left to Right)- Sophia Miller, Grace Etgen, Ansley Burtch, and Abigail Browning.

Buck Creek Winery Vineyard- Gracyn Temple

Gracie Furnish's Retiring Address- National Eastern Region Vice President of 2017-2018, Gracie Furnish, gave her retiring address about being an individual and there only being ONE you. (The theme of this year's national convention was "Just One")

Click on smaller thumbnails below to enlarge.


Parkway FFA Participates in Job Interview CDE
by Mecaylah Hesse,  Parkway FFA Reporter



On November 6th, 2018 Parkway FFA members Dennis Leighner, Raegan Roehm, Clara Hellwarth, Abi Browning, Kiersten Roehm, and Madison Kroeger participated in the sub-district job interview CDE at Paulding High School. In the division one competition, Freshman Raegan Roehm placed 3rd and Dennis Leighner placed 5th out of 7 participants. In the division two competition, sophomore Clara Hellwarth placed 1st and Abi Browning placed 4th out of 6 participants. In the division three competition, junior Kiersten Roehm placed 3rd out of 9 participants. Finally, senior Madison Kroeger placed 7th out of 10 participants in the division four competition. Parkway’s only district-qualifying member was sophomore Clara Hellwarth who proceeded to participate in the division two district competition where she placed second, but did not qualify for state. 


Parkway FFA Members Participate in the State Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE

By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

On December 7th, 2018, Parkway FFA members Noah Riley, Nick Riley, Colton Kraner, and David Sheets traveled to the Ohio State University to participate in the State Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE. For Parkway’s team to qualify for this contest, they had to place in the top 10 of 28 teams based on the online test. Once they qualified, they placed 4th out of 10 teams in the competition itself where members had to wire electricity, calibrate a fertilizer sprayer, build a rafter, and identify plumbing parts. As individuals, Nick Riley placed 7th, Colton Kraner placed 12th, Noah Riley placed 15th, and David Sheets placed 20th out of 40 participants. 


Pictured- (Left to right) Nick Riley, Colton Kraner, Noah Riley, and David Sheets


Several Articles by Parkway FFA Reporter
Mecaylah Hesse

Parkway FFA's Molly Irma Donation

In September 2018, the Parkway FFA donated $1500 to Dayton’s Children’s hospital in honor of Molly Irma Kramer. Molly’s father, Kevin Kramer, is a junior high English teacher at Parkway. The FFA wanted to contribute in any way they could to support the Kramer family. In Mr. Kevin Kramer’s description of Molly Irma’s condition, he stated,  

“Molly was born on November 27th, 2017.  Upon birth Molly was rushed to Dayton Children’s Hospital because she was unable to breath independently.  Molly spent her first 19 days on the NICU floor of Dayton Children’s Hospital.  Over the course of Molly’s life, she has experienced several Emergency Room visits, various hospital stays, and a day to day life that requires ongoing specialized care to meet her daily living needs.  In July of 2018 Molly was hospitalized and diagnosed with a rare congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum referred to as Dandy Walker Syndrome, in addition she was diagnosed with a very rare seizure disorder, Infantile Spasms.  Molly has a long journey ahead of her full of hard work, many medications, multiple therapies, and various medical equipment needs.   Molly and the Kramer’s are blessed to have such supportive families, friends, community, and medical support teams.  Despite the difficulties and obstacles in front of her, Molly will continue to move mountains little by little, day by day.” 

The money was raised from the chapters monthly recycling where FFA members meet for four hours to take in and sort community members’ recyclable goods. The Parkway FFA recycling day takes place every third Saturday of every month and anyone is welcome to bring their plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and tin cans to recycle and support the Parkway FFA.


Parkway FFA Teaches Second Graders About Agriculture
On October 16th and 18th, Parkway FFA went down to the second-grade classrooms to teach the students about agriculture. Two classes learned about the growing cycle of pumpkins while the other two learned about harvesting crops. Members interacted with the students in educating them about the two subjects while keeping it interesting for the children. The young students showed much enthusiasm for the crafts that went with the lesson and are looking forward to November’s PALS.


2018-2019 Ag Technology and Mechanics State Team Competes 

The Parkway FFA members that were interested in being a part of the 2018-2019 Ag Technology and Mechanics state team took the online portion of the CDE in mid-October. Results determined which four members would qualify for the December 2018 contest. According to the results Noah Riley, Colton Kraner, and David Sheets will be returning from the 2017-2018 team which participated in the contest at the beginning of this October. The fourth participant joining them will be senior member Nick Riley. Due to rule changes, the contest is in transition of taking place in December and the testing taking place in the October of the same year as opposed to competing in October and testing in April the year before. The boys intend on working hard in the upcoming months to be proficient in their competition.


Second Graders Learn About Turkeys, Potatoes and Pumpkins
On November 16th and November 20th, 2018 Parkway FFA’s senior members went down to teach the second graders about turkeys and potatoes while the junior members taught the first-grade classes about pumpkins. Two second grade classes learned about the different parts of a turkey and made a craft of a turkey to identify the different parts. The other two classes learned about different ways to grow potatoes and different foods made of potatoes. The first-graders learned about the different kinds of pumpkins, how to grow pumpkins, and what pumpkins are used for. The FFA enjoys teaching the young students about agriculture and intend to create a different lesson plan each month for the remaining of the school year. 





District 4 Food Science CDE

On November 8th, 2018, 4 members from the Parkway FFA traveled to Wayne Trace to participate in the District 4 Food Science CDE. Participants for Parkway’s team were Shay Bolton, Ansley Burtch, Alexis Cairns, and Sophia Miller. This competition consisted of establishing different aromas, determining different food safety and sanitation procedures, and creating their own fantasy food product and label. As a team, Parkway placed 7th out of 15 teams. 


Pictured- (Top Step to Bottom Step) Sophia Miller, Alexis Cairns, Ansley Burtch, and Shay Bolton


Parkway FFA Members Visit Ohio State University

On November 16th, 2018, Parkway FFA members who chose to attend, traveled to Columbus, Ohio to visit The Ohio State football stadium and watch an Ohio State hockey game. To begin the trip, they joined FFA chapters all over Ohio to take a tour of The Ohio State football stadium. As soon as they got off the bus, members walked across the field through the tunnels. They then went up to the second floor to see the recruiting room and where players commit to playing for the Buckeyes. After the recruiting room students visited The Ohio State band room where the OSU band members spend countless hours rehearsing for the upcoming games. They then went to a presidential suite and learned about the extreme cleansing that goes into the rooms before each home football game. And finally, the last stop of the tour was the press box. There were three layers of tables for the reporters to sit at and narrate each player’s moves for the fans over the radio. After departing the stadium, members went to eat at PizzaCucinova, a build-your-own pizza restaurant. After fueling up, Parkway members went to the Ohio State versus Wisconsin hockey game and experienced a Buckeye win.




OSU Hockey Game- (Left to Right) Tessa Thatcher, Madison Kroeger, Alyssa Miller, and Mecaylah Hesse





Parkway FFA Members Participate in State Ag Contests
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

On October 5th, 2018 Parkway FFA members Colton Kraner, Noah Riley, and David Sheets along with former member Trevor Smith traveled to the Waterman Dairy Center to participate in the state Ag Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE. The team had to complete multiple hands on activities such as welding, driving a skid-loader, adjusting planters, surveying land slope, applying fertilizer, and wiring electricity in addition to completing an online test. As a team, they placed sixth out of ten. As individuals, Noah Riley placed fourteenth, Trevor Smith placed nineteenth, David Sheets placed twenty-fifth, and Colton Kraner placed twenty-eighth out of forty participants. Top placed participant for Parkway, Noah Riley, said “it was a good and educational experience.” 

Pictured: (Left to Right) Noah Riley, Trevor Smith, David Sheets, and Nick Riley



Parkway FFA Competes in Urban Soil Judging Competition
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

On October 13th, 2018 Parkway FFA took four participants to the state urban soil judging competition at the Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio. The team consisted of Colton Kraner, Grace Etgen, Brendon Doner, and Faith Shellabarger. As individuals, Faith Shellabarger placed 60th, Brendon Doner placed 134th, Grace Etgen placed 137th, and Colton Kraner placed 140th out of 177 participants. They placed thirty-five out of forty-seven teams and unfortunately didn't qualify for nationals. 


Urban and Rural District Soil Judging Competers and Some Qualifiers
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

On September 27, ten Parkway FFA members traveled to McComb, Ohio to compete in both Urban and Rural district soil judging competitions. The Rural team consisted of Leah Harshman, Justan Felver, Alyssa Miller, Jared Anderson, and Ansley Burtch. They placed sixth out of thirty, but unfortunately didn’t qualify for the state competition. The Urban team, however, did qualify for state by placing fourth out of twenty teams. This team included Colton Kraner, Grace Etgen, Brendon Doner, Faith Shellabarger, and Clara Hellwarth. The top four participants from Parkway FFA Urban soil judging team will participate in the state competition on October 13th, 2018. 

Pictured: The top four participants from the Parkway FFA Urban soil judging team. (Left to Right) Faith Shellabarger, Grace Etgen, Brendon Doner, and Colton Kraner.


Mercer County Soil Judging
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

On September 21, 2018 the Parkway FFA traveled to the Mercer County Soil Judging CDE with 28 participants. This competition, in addition to the previous one at Hardin Northern, would determine which four students from each the Urban and the Rural teams would be selected to continue to the district soil judging competition. Parkway FFA members Jared Anderson, from the Rural soils team, and Faith Shellabarger, from the Urban soils team, both received first place as individuals in their separate categories. 



Parkway FFA Judges Soil at Hardin Northern
By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter

Wednesday, September 19th, Parkway FFA took 28 participants to Hardin Northern soil judging competition. 21 of those members judged Rural soil and 7 judged Urban soil. Members had to determine different characteristics of the soil and determine what type of soil it was. Such characteristics include the filtration class, the depth, and the texture. As a team, Parkway’s Rural soil judging team took first place and Urban took thirteenth. As individuals, Jared Anderson placed highest for Parkway’s Rural soils team in third place and Faith Shellabarger placed highest for Parkway’s Urban soils team in thirty-second place. 

Rural Team

Urban Team



2018 Mercer County Fair- Parkway FFA

By: Mecaylah Hesse
Parkway FFA Reporter


Parkway FFA had a successful week at the 2018 Mercer County Fair. The first day of fair, August 10, multiple Parkway FFA members received awards for their projects. Sidney Doner was awarded best Alfalfa Hay, Lance Weirrick received best tractor restoration, Trevor Smith was awarded for the best bench and sign, Bryce Mihm received best horse-shoe star, and Jared Anderson won best-in-class for his night stand. The rest of the week consisted of maintaining the food stand which was a very successful fundraiser. The Parkway and Ft. Recovery FFA chapters worked together to provide food and drinks for the fair-goersto raise money for the chapters’ upcoming events that would take place throughout the school year. The Parkway FFA would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations to the food stand: 

Mercer Landmark Inc. 

First Bank 

The Fremont Company 


Pictured Above: Food stand 1- Rachel Barrett (Left) and Grace Etgen (Right)

Left to right below - Click on smaller thumbnails to enlarge.

Food stand 2- Ft. Recovery members and Mr. Alan Post

Food stand 3- The Parkway and Ft. Recovery FFA food stand at the Mercer County Fair

Fair 1- (Left to Right) Lance Weirrick, Bryce Mihm, Jared Anderson, and Trevor Smith

Fair 2- Corey Walls 



FFA Fruit Sales
by Shay Bolton

These past few weeks, the Parkway FFA Chapter received and distributed their fruit that was ordered during their yearly fruit sales! Their items sold consisted of navels, grapefruit, fuji apples, pine apple and a variety of nuts. When the fruit came in, students unloaded the boxes and then collaborated together to sort and mix the fruit according to the specific orders. Sophomores in the picture sort fruit. The Parkway FFA Chapter thanks you for another great year of fruit sales!



Leadership Night
by Shay Bolton

On December 14th, 2017 the Parkway FFA Chapter attended the Coldwater Leadership night. State President, Ryan Matthews and State Sentinel, Marleigh Kerr, led a discussion and activity on the topic of "What sets your heart on fire?". The officers talked about how each individual has their own personal passion. Ryan and Marleigh spoke to the group about how to set goals and reminders on how to keep up with our passions and goals. Once the activities were all through, the night then ended with getting to spend time with the State Officers and having a pizza party!


Above: (Left to Right) Andrea Miller, Chanel Walls, Shay Bolton, Noah Stephenson 




Parkway FFA Competes in Job Interview Career Development Event – Heads to Districts
by Shay Bolton

On November 6th, the Parkway FFA Chapter participated in the Job Interview Career Development Event. The students go through an interview process with an agricultural job of their choice. The participants write up a resume and a job application and then use it for their interview. Then once the interview is done, they write up a follow-up letter and address it to the company they were applying for. The participants from Parkway were Haylee Stukey placing 4th, Madison Kroeger placing 10th of Division 2, Kiersten Roehm placing 1st, Clara Hellwarth placing 1st, Abigail Browning placing 3rd, and Violet Taylor placing 3rd in Division 2. Kiersten Roehm and Clara Hellwarth got the opportunity to move on to districts on November 14th. Clara placed 3rd and Kiersten placed 2nd!

Photo: From top to bottom: Madison Kroeger, Haylee Stukey, Kierstin Roehm, Violet Taylor, Abigail Browning, and Clara Hellwarth.

Parkway FFA State Soil Team Compete and Advance
by Shay Bolton
On October 14th, the Parkway FFA Chapter's state soil teams advanced to state. The rural team participants were Jay Anderson, Alyssa Miller, Ansley Burtch, and Leah Harshman. The urban team consisted of Reid Etzcorn, Noah Stephenson, Laura Barrett, and Faith Shellabarger. The rural team overall placed 27th and the urban team placed 31st. Alyssa Miller, a rural participant, state "It was an eye-opening experience and leaves us hungry for state yet again for next year!"

90th Annual National Convention
by Shay Bolton

The Parkway FFA Chapter started off their week by first stopping at Fair Oaks Adventure Dairy & Swine Farm. While on their tour, the students got to watch a birth of a calf and go through the nursery. They got to see the rotary milking process and observe the tanks the milk was sent to. The next tour was with Swine! While on their tour, the piglets were shown after birth and in different age groups as they were growing. After their tours they got to enjoy yummy ice cream that was made on site! The next stop was Albanese Candy! At this shop, they use mainly corn starch as their sugar supplement and the touring group got to witness how they go through their candy making process. On day two, the group set out to the John Deere Pavilion and World Headquarters to start the Seeding Factory tour! On day three, the Parkway FFA Chapter got to enjoy their time at the expo and convention center and watch the Third General Session before having a great end of the night at the Buckeye Bash! On their final day, the group arrived at the Fourth General Session and then made their way back home from their fun filled week!



National FFA Chorus Chooses Shay Bolton to Sing

Shay Bolton, a member of the Parkway FFA Chapter, was selected to participate in the National FFA Chorus! To apply she had to shoot a video clip of her singing and then send it in to the chorus director and then wait to hear back if she had made it into the group. Only 92 FFA members from all 50 states were accepted and Shay was one of them! She arrived on Saturday October 21st and rehearsed all day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The groups then got the opportunity to perform at one of the luncheons that was held by the national officers and at the Arts Garden. They performed at the Opening Session and at other sessions as well with around 60,000 people each session! This year was the final year of Mrs. LaJoye being the chorus director, so the choir surprised her with a song as she received an award for her hard work over the past 19 years. Shay stated, "It was such an exhilarating experience and I have made friends that will last a lifetime! Even though I was only there for a week, everyone acted as if we were a huge family. I plan to audition next year and make many more memories!"

Left: Shay and the National FFA President 2016-2017













Left: Shay and Mrs. Patti LaJoye

Mercer County Soils Competition
by Shay Bolton

On September 22nd, the Parkway FFA Soils teams attended the Mercer County Soils event hosted by Fort Recovery. In the Rural division, Ansley Burtch placed first and Sophia Miller placed second out of the entire Mercer County. Next in placements were Rachel Barrett, Shay Bolton, Alyssa Miller, Ryan Hesse, Caleb Kinney, Leah Harshman, Jay Anderson, and David Sheets. In the Urban division, the top five were Reid Etzcorn, Faith Shellabarger, Noah Stephenson, Dylan Hughes, and Laura Barrett. The Parkway FFA soils will then move on to district soils. For further information please contact Shay Bolton at


Hardin Northern Soils Invitational

By Shay Bolton

On September 13th the Parkway FFA Chapter participated in the Urban and Rural soil competitions located at Hardin Northern. The students who participated, had to determine the types of soils and determine what treatment was needed for them if any. The top four placers were Reid Etzcorn, Faith Shellabarger, Noah Stephenson, and Brendan Doner. The top four placers in the Rural category were Jay Anderson, Shay Bolton, Alyssa Miller, and Violet Taylor. For further questions, please contact Shay Bolton at



87th Annual Parkway FFA banquet

By Laura Barrett at

On Wednesday April 13, 2016, the Parkway FFA chapter hosted their 87th annual FFA banquet. This is an entirely student run event and, as usual, it turned out fantastic! At 6:30 pm people started filing in for the event in the high school cafeteria. We kicked off the night with opening ceremonies and the official welcome by the new president, Clista Hellwarth. Jay Anderson followed with the prayer for the meal. Everyone then enjoyed the delicious meal of, BBQ turkey, cheesy potatoes, green beans, rolls, and a wide variety of amazing desserts brought in by guests. Special thank you to Stephenson’s greenhouse, The Freemont Company, and Coopers for donating to the meal! Afterwards the reporter, Laura Barrett, played her slideshow of everything they had done this past year. Next, Alec Schoenleben introduced the guest speaker, ’06 Parkway FFA President Katie King. Katie gave an awesome speech about her time in FFA and encouraged current FFA members to get involved and have fun. Then, students presented awards to those who got, Greenhand Degree, Chapter Degree, Fruit Sale Awards, Scholarship Awards, and those who participated in CDEs. Next Mr. Post gave out his special awards. He first gave an award to reporter, Laura Barrett, for getting a perfect score on her Chapter Scrapbook. Then to President Tanner Matthews for his outstanding leadership this year. Next he awarded Clista Hellwarth, and Maggie Houts, for earning their State Degree, and Rachel King, and Amanda Stachler for receiving their National FFA Degrees. Kayla Walls also earned her National Degree but, was unable to attend the banquet. Mr. Post also gave the “Star” awards to, 1st year Madison Kroeger, 2nd year Chanel Walls, 3rd year Shay Pond, and 4th year Taylor Hesse. Finally, senior members gave their parents carnations and President Tanner Matthews gave his retiring address. Tanner gave an outstanding “bikini” speech, as he called it. To end the night, closing ceremonies were performed, and the new 2016-2017 FFA officers were announced. They are; President: Clista Hellwarth, Vice: Maggie Houts, Reporter: Madison Kroeger, Secretary: Shay Pond, Treasurer: Alec Schoenleben, Sentinel: Chanel Walls, and Student Advisor: Jay Anderson. Congratulations students on an outstanding year and thank you to Parkway’s Staff, School Board, and Community members for making all of this possible!



FFA Evaluations

By Laura Barrett at


This year, the Parkway FFA had 5 students earn degrees in the State and National FFA evaluations. This is an outstanding accomplishment for these girls! Earning a degree takes a huge amount of work in and outside of class. Requirements for the State Degree are, $3,000 earned in agricultural work and earning their Chapter Degree. But for the American Degree you have to earn $10,000 in agricultural work, previously received their State Degree, and graduated high school with completed ag classes. Only the top 2% of FFA students earn their State Degree and only half of them go on to receive their American Degree. The American Degree (National) is the highest honor someone can achieve in the FFA.  

Maggie Houts, daughter of Mark and Michelle Houts, earned her State Degree. She earned her degree by working on her family farm, Houts Partnership, with her goats. Maggie is very involved in the FFA, served this past year as the treasurer and will be the Vice President of our chapter in 2017.

Clista Hellwarth, daughter of Garrett and Judy Hellwarth, earned her State Degree as well. Clista earned her degree by working on her family farm, Hellwarth Dairy, with her calves. Clista was secretary for the last two years and will be the Parkway FFA President this coming year.

Kayla Walls, daughter of Kerry and Heidi Walls, earned her American Degree this year. Kayla spent her hours on working with her horses. In high school, Kayla was reporter, Vice President, and then President of our chapter her senior year. Kayla is currently attending The Ohio State University to become an agriculture teacher.

Amanda Stachler, daughter of Terri and Sue Stachler, earned her American Degree. She earned her hours by working with her chickens at home, and working at Hemmelgarn and Sons. Amanda was very involved in the FFA in high school and still serves on the junior fair board today. She is attending UNOH for Ag. Business.

Rachel King, daughter of Mike and Anne King, earned her American Degree as well. Rachel earned her degree by, raising her vegetables at King Farms. Rachel was the Treasurer of our chapter her senior year. She is currently attending Wright state lake campus for Ag.

The State Degree will be presented at the State FFA convention this spring in Columbus, and the American Degree will be presented this fall at the National FFA convention in Indianapolis. Congratulations girls on this outstanding accomplishment, you have definitely earned it!


Photo Caption - Above: Clista and Maggie, state degree recipients.


Below: Amanda and Rachel, American degree recipients.





Parkway FFA Students Move on to State for Soil Judging 

On September 29th Parkway FFA students went to district soil judging in Ottowa. The rural kids judged soil properties, overall degree of limitation, and best management practices or BMP'S. To judge all of this the students had to find the slope, decipher soil texture, complete a general knowledge test, evaluate the structure, determine drainage, restrictive features, bedrock, topsoil depth, and compaction.  The "urbanites" went to evaluate the soil and the lay of the land to determine where to build a home, urban problems, and other nonagricultural uses. For the students to be able to decide which urban problems could occur with the soil type the use the same procedures the rural kids do except they have to decide whether the soil was good for buildings and basements, driveways and roads, lawns, gardens, landscaping, and septic tank absorption fields.

The rural team consisted of Shay Pond, Tessa Thatcher, Mecaylah Hesse, Alec Shoenleben, and Alyssa Miller. Shay Pond scored third individually and the students for the rural team that are moving to state are Shay Pond, Mecaylah Hesse, Tessa Thatcher, and Alec Shoenleben. This team ranked fourth overall. The urban team was Maggie Houts, Clista Hellwarth,  Noah Stephenson, Faith Shellabarger, and Gage Etgen.  Maggie Houts placed fourth individually and the team moving on to state is Maggie Houts, Clista Hellwarth, Noah Stephenson, and Faith Shellabarger. The urban team ranked fifth overall. 



Parkway FFA Week

By Laura Barrett at

What a great week for the Parkway FFA! From February 22nd to 26th our chapter celebrated National FFA week. To kick off the week we held a luncheon for all members and staff. All week we collected canned goods for the local food pantry, at the end of the week we delivered a total of 3,385 canned goods! Wednesday the petting zoo was set up in the ag shop and all K-3 students came to see the animals! We also held the truck drive-in on Thursday and apple pie bake-off on Friday. Winners for the truck drive-in contest were, Jensen Riley with newest, Tanner Matthews with cleanest, David Gause with oldest, Peyton Hamrick with Biggest and Job Beir with smallest. For the apple pie bake-off, best tasting pies went to, Taylor Hesse, Courtney Lies, and Lauren Henderson. Congratulations winners and thank you everyone who made this awesome week possible!    


District Speaking Contest

By Laura Barrett at

On February 24th at Spencerville High School, Clista Hellwarth and Maggie Houts competed in the district planned and extemporaneous speaking contests. In the prepared speaking contest (Clista), participants are required to write a speech and preform it in front of a judge. In the extemporaneous speaking contest (Maggie), members are asked questions and talk about them on the spot. Both girls did very well and will be moving on to the next contest! Maggie placed 2nd and Clista placed 1st . Good luck to both girls at state on March 12th.


Sub District Public Speaking

By Laura Barrett at

On February 17th Parkway students competed at the sub district division in, creed speaking, prepared public speaking and extemporaneous speaking. The girls who participated in creed speaking placed 3rd (Tessa Thatcher), 5th (Madison Kroeger), and 12th (Mecaylah Hesse). Clista placed 2nd and Maggie placed 1st in their respective divisions of the prepared and extemporaneous contests. Good luck to Maggie and Clista in the district contest February 24th! L to right Tessa Thatcher, Madison Kroeger, Macaylah Hesse, Clista Hellwarth, and Maggie Houts



Parkway FFA Week

By Laura Barrett at

What a great week for the Parkway FFA! From February 22nd to 26th our chapter celebrated National FFA week. To kick off the week we held a luncheon for all members and staff. All week we collected canned goods for the local food pantry, at the end of the week we delivered a total of 3,385 canned goods! Wednesday the petting zoo was set up in the ag shop and all K-3 students came to see the animals! We also held the truck drive-in on Thursday and apple pie bake-off on Friday. Winners for the truck drive-in contest were, Jensen Riley with newest, Tanner Matthews with cleanest, David Gause with oldest, Peyton Hamrick with Biggest and Job Beir with smallest. For the apple pie bake-off, best tasting pies went to, Taylor Hesse, Courtney Lies, and Lauren Henderson. Congratulations winners and thank you everyone who made this awesome week possible!    


District Speaking Contest

By Laura Barrett at

On February 24th at Spencerville High School, Clista Hellwarth and Maggie Houts competed in the district planned and extemporaneous speaking contests. In the prepared speaking contest (Clista), participants are required to write a speech and preform it in front of a judge. In the extemporaneous speaking contest (Maggie), members are asked questions and talk about them on the spot. Both girls did very well and will be moving on to the next contest! Maggie placed 2nd and Clista placed 1st . Good luck to both girls at state on March 12th.


Sub District Public Speaking

By Laura Barrett at

On February 17th Parkway students competed at the sub district division in, creed speaking, prepared public speaking and extemporaneous speaking. The girls who participated in creed speaking placed 3rd (Tessa Thatcher), 5th (Madison Kroeger), and 12th (Mecaylah Hesse). Clista placed 2nd and Maggie placed 1st in their respective divisions of the prepared and extemporaneous contests. Good luck to Maggie and Clista in the district contest February 24th!L to right Tessa Thatcher, Madison Kroeger, Macaylah Hesse, Clista Hellwarth, and Maggie Houts



Sub District Parli Pro Competition

By Laura Barrett at


On November 24, parkway FFA members set off to Delphos high school to participate in the sub district parliamentary procedure competition. At this competition teams of six perform a proper business meeting in front of panel of judges. Parkway had two teams in the contest. The Advanced included Tanner Matthews (president), Taylor Hesse, Clista Hellwarth, Maggie Houts, Alec Schoenleben, and Shay Pond. The sophomore team included Ashton Hamrick (president), Laura Barrett, Katie John, Chanel Walls, Tristen McKee, and Zack Albright. The advanced team placed 2nd in their division and the sophomore team placed 4th in theirs. Good luck to the advanced team as they move on to the district competition December 3rd.




District Job Interview CDE

By Laura Barrett at


The job Interview district contest was held at Hardin Northern on November 19, 2015. All who participated received gold ratings. The girls scored very well in their divisions. Maggie Houts got 1st, Abby Stephenson got 1st, and Taylor Hesse got 4th.  Congratulations ladies and good luck Abby and Maggie as they move onto the state competition.


Parkway attends FFA State Convention
by Taylor Hesse @

On Thursday April 30th, Amanda Stachler, Taylor Hesse, Tanner Matthews, Maggie Houts and their adviser Alan Post, headed off to Columbus to attend the 87th Ohio FFA State Convention. On Thursday they attended a session where the chapter received an award for donating towards the Children’s Hospital and donating towards CROP (Church World Services). Later in the session, they heard from the keynote speaker Curtis Zimmerman. Later that evening, the students attended a Keith Anderson concert. On Friday the chapter had a very busy day. The students attended the first session for that day where they heard from keynote speaker, Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart. Later Taylor Hesse played in the State FFA Band and then she received her Reporters Award. Finally to end their trip, Amanda Stachler, Tanner Matthews, Taylor Hesse and Kameron Roehm received their State FFA Degrees. Congratulations to these students on their hard work and achievements!Picture:

Mr. Post with students who received their State FFA Degrees (Taylor Hesse, Amanda Stachler, and Tanner Matthews)


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