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Story and Photos by James Leighner – Thank you for sharing, James!

On Friday, September 14, 2018, the Panthers hosted the Versailles Tigers.  

What a night it was for Panther Football.  The Panthers first quarter performance was almost unbelievable as they out scored the Tigers 21-7.  After that it became quite a defensive battle as neither team would find the end zone for the remainder of the game. 


You could just feel the excitement in the stadium growing as the 3rd quarter passed and the 4th quarter started to wind down.   The Panther offense kept grinding it out, eating away the clock. The defense kept slamming the door anytime Versailles started to gain momentum.  


Our Panthers again proved that they don't hang their heads and they don't give up!  What a night for Panther Football and a much needed win.  Hats off to the Panther players and coaches.  You guys earned it.


The Panthers will travel to Minster this Friday night, September 21, 2018 to take on the Wildcats in search of another win.  Hope to see everyone there!  Let’s get out there, show some Panther pride and support our team!

Click here for more great shots by James Leighner

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Parkway Versus Spencerville 8-31-2018

Story and Photos by James Leighner – Thank you for sharing, James!
Our Parkway Panthers hosted the Spencerville Bear Cats in the season's 1st home game.  

The Panther's got off to a slow start, finding themselves down two touchdowns only 5 minutes into the first quarter.

After the 2nd Spencerville score, the Panther's new head coach "Dusty" called time out and held a quick "Motivational Seminar" with the players.  I don't know what he said, but everyone there could see the results.  It was as if a different team walked back out on that field. 

The Panthers would then come back and score the next 2 touchdowns.  Spencerville would however find the end zone one more time before the half.  Halftime score Parkway 13, Bear Cats 21.

The second half proved just as exciting as the first.  Panthers had the only 3 quarter TD along with a 2 point conversion that would tie the game at 21. 

Spencerville scored midway in the 4th quarter to regain the lead and would intercept a pass on the Panthers final drive with just under minute left on the clock.  Final score Panthers 21 , Bear Cats 28.

No we didn't get that win, but just like in the first game with Crestview, the team DID NOT GIVE UP!  They didn't hang their heads when down, they kept going and kept fighting, right down to the end.


Click Here for the link to more of James' pictures. 

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Parkway Panther Varsity and JV Football Team

Seniors by James Leighner

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Parkway High School Marching Band



Parkway High School Cheerleaders

Parkway Football Takes on Crestview
Info and pictures by James Leighner

The Panther varsity football team traveled to Crestview last Friday, August 24th  to open the season against the Knights.

The Knights did take an early lead and would continue to lead the whole way.  But that doesn't mean our Panthers didn’t give us any excitement.   Even while behind the team continued to play and kept their heads held high.  They did not give up! 

They ended up putting 35 points on the board, but it would not be enough as Crestview scored 52.

Click below for awesome game pictures by James - Thank you for sharing!

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NUMBER                              NAME                          GRADE                          HEIGHT           WEIGHT           POSITION
2                   Brock Baltzell                          10                   6’0           155                         QB/DB
3                         Bryson Younker                              09                                      5’2                    85 WR/DB
                 4                            Kaine Younker                        11                           5’11         170        WR/LB
 5                                              Gavin Stober                                   11                                5’10           150           WR / DB
6                                 Caleb Kinney                                 11                   6’3                    190                  WR / DL
7                        Eli Rich                                   10                    5’11                       175              QB/DB
8                          Dylan Hughes                          10                       6’3                    170                     WR/DL
9                            Eugene Ferrell Jr                       10                                 5’9                           130 WR / DB
10           Preston Stober                            12                6’2                         170           QB/DB
11             Liam Ferraggiaro                10                5’9               168              WR / DB
12                     Isaac Grogg                     9                      5’2                     107                WR/DB
13                       Owen Sinning                      12                       6’0                    170              WR / LB
14                           John Cunningham                          12                           6'0                160              WR/DB
16                                 Parker Mihm                                    9                           5’4                    107               WR/DB
17                          Michael Bixler                         9                      5'1                     93                WR / DB
18                        Thad Feipel                         10                  5’3                      115               WR/DB
19                      Austin Bixler                      12                       5’4                     113                     WR /DB
20                       Jordan Feldes                        9                         5’1                   120                  RB /LB
21                      Grant Bollenbacher                            9                        5'6                     140                WR / DB
22                       Corey Walls                     11                      6'0                   165                WR/LB
23                       Jason Luth                        11                   5'9                    200                  RB /LB
24                       Tyler Tinkham                     10                      5'9                    135                        WR/DB
25                      Nick Hawk                               11                    6'0                        212                 RB/LB
34                      Brendan Etzcorn                            10                      5’5                      145                         RB/LB
36                            Jack Wehe                                12                           6’2                      160                     WR/DB
50                                   Ryan Hesse                         11                               6’1                    160                   OL / DL
51                             Seth Heinel                         10                             6’0                    170                       OL / DL
52                               Nick Riley                            12                          5'9                       170                    OL /LB
53                              Haydn Ridenour                            10                     5'7                         160                   OL / DL
54                             Noah Riley                            12                           5'8                  185                      OL / DL
55                                  Kamden Painter                             9                     6’4                       215                  OL / DL
         56                                 Graham Farmer                            10                   5’9                      160                        OL /LB
57                            Corbin Cox                           11                         5'9                          225                     OL / DL
58                         Zach Hawk                          9                    5'9                        220                           OL / DL
62                               Lance Weirrick                              12                              6’0                       250                OL / DL
64                                     Billy Popp                               10                            5'9                             210                    OL / DL
65                              Bryce Mihm                               10                      5'7                            152                   OL / DL
66                              Anthony Heck                          10                           5’6                        210                   OL / DL
67                         Brody Dorsten                     10                      5’11                       285                   OL/DL
72                              Jaydan Bruns                             10                          5’10                     176                        OL/DL
74                                 Mason Landers                      11                        6’1                   170                            OL/DL
79                              Lane Weirrick                      9                                      6’0                             305                     OL/DL
86                         Jonathan Steinhoff                         10                            6’2                   155                         WR/DB

Superintendent: Jeanne Osterfeld
Cheer Advisor: Mandee Slavik
HS Principal: Brian Fortkamp
Cheer Assistant Advisor: Abby Sutter
Athletic Director: Matt Triplett
Cheerleaders: Molly Baltzell, Olivia Scott
Kara Heck, Shay Bolton, Ke’Andra Godsey, Kaylee Bixler,
Makasha Bixler, Emily Zimmerman, Tori Albright
Lily Hipply, Breanna Breeks, Remi Fokine, Olivia Sutter Brayla Aller, Cora Barna, Molly Hileman, Sydner Yoder

Head Coach: Dusty Rutledge 
Assistant Coaches: Joel Henkle, Jason Kinney,
Jordan Thompson, Bubba Temple, Chad Bruns, Jeff Farmer
Athletic Trainer: MaKayla McAvoy Video: Barry Peel








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