Parkway Class of 1963 Celebrates 55 Years
The Parkway Class of 1963 held its 55th class reunion on September 15 at the Rockford Community Building.  A delicious meal was catered by The Rockford Carry Out.  The committee members were John Schaadt, Jerry Reigle, and Denny Hoffhines. Attending were: front row, left: Judy (Merinar) Sutter, Elaine (Westerberg) Deitsch, Karen (Ray) May, Cathy (Kimmel) Mirtes, Cheryl (Baker) Hamrick, Candy (Brehm) Courtney, Carolyn (Walls) John; second row:  Bill Copeland, Don Frahm, Verna (Wollet) Winkler, Nancy (Sapp) Kline, Judy (Stewart) Dix, John Schaadt, Denny Hoffhines; third row: Ron Frahm, Doug Huffman, John Shafer, Francis Schaffner, Dan Reichard, Dean Osborn, Laverne Hamrick, and Jerry Reigle.  Not shown: Dave Rasawehr


Parkway Class of 1968 Celebrates
50 Years as Friends and Classmates on August 18, 2018 at Shanes Park in Rockford















Parkway Class of 1978 Celebrates Reunion

First row, sitting: Sheryl (Walls) Louth, Misty (Anderson) Bolenbaugh, 
Crista (Sutton) Heindel and Vicki (Sapp) Smith.

Second row, sitting: Robin Protsman, Ruth (Luginbill) Whitten, Naomi 
Lehman (Miss Sipe), Mr. Shively and Brenda (Brigner) Weldy.

Third row: Deb (Stetler) Lowry, Barb (Rhoades) Bowen, Doris (Highley) 
Shively, Shari (Luginbill) Koontz, Patsy (McCullough) Knight and Paula 
(Andrews) Linn.

Fourth row: Mr. Thomas Knapke, Dave Schroyer, Pam (Lowry) Demeny, Ed 
Burtch, Herb Schumm, Craig Pontsler, Jack Pontius and Doug Bader.

Our reunion was held on Saturday July 21st at Hillside Bed and 
Breakfast. Food was catered by Rockford Carry Out.

Photo and info by Paula (Andrews) Linn.



Rockford Alumni Dinner Held
Class of 1958

First row: Rosalie Fleming Hughes, Nancy Rogers Ritz, Sharon Davis Ames, 
Connie Henkle Marbaugh

Second row: Janet Evans Huntsberger, Sara Emans Kline, Miriam Hawk 
Fetters, Virginia Barber Hoenie, Peggy Carr Birdsong

Back row: Dave Hileman, Ron Sommers, Larry Snyder, Tom Sidenbender, 
Jerry Beougher, Hubert Eichenauer, Mac Brigner

Absent when picture was taken: Glenda Winkler Wampler








Parkway High School Class of 1967 Celebrates 50 Years

It was only yesterday that the Parkway High School class of 1967 walked down that aisle to receive their graduation diplomas.  How could it be the 50th class reunion!

Seventy-nine classmates, faculty and spouses gathered September 29 and 30 to relive for a few moments those carefree days of youth.  So many memories and so many schooldays stories were shared.  Twenty-five gathered Friday night to cheer on the Parkway football team. Of course it gave the proud grandparents an opportunity to point out their special football players, band members and cheerleaders to the classmates they grew up with. Saturday afternoon's tour of the Rockford museum, narrated by Mr. Norm VanTilburg, and assisted by Mr. Mike Schumm, kept the group of twenty-one more spellbound than any history class ever attended in a grade school classroom. These events were all great times to catch up on the lives of the Class of '67 family of friends.

A very special time was set aside at the dinner Saturday to remember our childhood friends who are no longer with us. Nineteen classmates are deceased, including those who gave their lives fighting in Viet Nam. A very touching Veterans Tribute prepared by Bob Maurer and the heartfelt appreciation to all veterans in attendance for their willingness to preserve our freedom was led by Gary Brehm.

The class has been together too long to lose touch with each other now so SAVE THE DATE! September 28, 2019 (the last Saturday in September two years from now). Details will be sent out close to the time of the next reunion so please remember and send any changes to your contact information that may come along to Vickie Bollenbacher (  or 419-363-2492), Greg Schumm (  or 419-733-7596) or Roberta LePage ( or 419-363-3614 or 419-790-9225).

Picture above favorite teachers: Naomi Sipe Lehman and Esther Brandt-Fox-Schweyer. Standing is Norm Van Tilburg, Jon Sidenbender and Wayne Shively

Seated (l to r):  Roberta Beeks LePage,  Toby Schumm Oswald,  Metta Stucky Hike,  Myra Hoblet Sustae,  Vickie Gause Bollenbacher,  Nancy Feasel Shaffer,  Loisann Felver Yoh,  Barbara Huffman Schumm,  Judy Seawell Zeikle.

Standing, Second row  (l to r):  David “Chick” Stewart,  Karen Hays,  Dianne Hoffmann Schott,  Becky Suman White,  Susan McGough Schrock,  Diane Mihm Sheets,  Susan Cully Etzcorn,  Kathy Arnold,  Linda Gehm Duff,  Candy Wyer Osborn,  Diane Kimmel Schumm,  Sandy Miller Ulrey,  Sandy Sipe Schwartz

Standing, Third row  (l to r):  Benito Rodriguez, Sheryl Ridenour Knittle,  Charles White,  Susan Neuenschwander Wulliman,  John Cline,  Alan Schott, Judy Secaur Stephenson,  Greg “Boom” Schumm, Tom Schumm

Standing, Fourth row,  (l to r):  Kirk Wilson,  Wade Marbaugh,  Denny Krugh, Clinton Bennett,  Jim Grier,  Grable Cheek,  Duane Laux,  Gary Brehm,  Ken Cochran,  David Wilson,  Bob Schumm,  Doug Carr

Picture by Elaine and Ed Geyer



Parkway Class of 1972 Holds 45th Class Reunion

The Parkway Class of 1972 held their 45th Class Reunion in Rockford on Saturday evening, August 26, 2017 at the Community Building in Shanes Park. The gathering of 33 members of the class and their spouses/guests was a delightful evening. A 1-1/2 hour social time was spent reminiscing, catching-up, looking at old yearbooks, pictures and memorabilia. Dinner by Manley’s Catering,  planned and served by the committee was especially delicious, and homemade cupcakes were later provided by classmate Peggy Snider Severt’s daughter. Prayer was offered by Phillip Miller, husband of classmate Jane Luginbill Miller. Gary Hensley and Bill Hamrick organized the event and were MC’s for the evening, keeping everyone in stitches on a trip down Memory Lane. Jim Kuhn provided the sound system and Becky Bollenbacher Shope prepared a lovely memorial table for the 7 classmates who are deceased. Susie Springer Dickson from California was a special guest for the evening as she was a former classmate until the 8th grade. A committee was formed for planning the 50th Reunion in 2022. Photo by Mark Linn. A Facebook Page for Parkway Class of 1972 is available by invitation where many photos by Elaine and Jim Geyer are available as well as the Class Booklet in PDF by Peggy Severt.


Front row Left to Right Elaine Mihm Geyer, Jane Schmid Poling, Tracy Dellinger Ulrich, Kathy Reichard Pontsler, Barbara Lloyd Painter, Peg Bollenbacher, Jane Luginbill Miller, Marcia Eichenauer Hoffines, Michelle Wallick Mills, 
 Row 2 Jim Kuhn, Keith Canary, Rick Black, Becky Bollenbacher Shope, June Cully Bollenbacher, Peggy Snider Severt, Susie Springer Dickson, Cindy Stover Canary, Sheila Wood Baltzell, Susan Sipe Roehm, Pam Fisher Krugh 
 Row 3 Mike Warthman, Gary Pontsler, Gary Hensley, Daryl Strickler, Todd Granger, Philip Thompson, Bill Hamrick, Duane Roehm, Steve Gamble, Dave Hoffhines, Gene Bollenbacher, Ralph Beeks and Ted Krugh. List provided by Elaine Mihm Geyer.



Parkway Class of 1966 Celebrates 50 year Mark

The Parkway Class of 1966 celebrated their 50th class reunion Saturday September 17, 2016 at Romer’s Westlake Lodge, Celina. Those in attendance were:

Row 1- Lynn (Miller) Hinkle, Toni (Dellinger) Pentino, Linda (White) Ford, Sandra Shelly, Marilyn (Suman) Lautzenheiser, Linda (Frye) Warthman, Donna (Canary) Riley, Karen (Bollenbacher) Casey, Shirley (Secrest) Brandon, Kathy (Siedel) Wilkeson

Row 2- Dennis Hinkle, Linda (Schroer) Williams, Susan (Eischen) Jones, Paul Donovan, Millie (Bruns) Donovan, Kathy (Eichenauer) Kimmel, Jane (Rumple) Heyd, Paula (Leistner) Reeves, Dee (Brumbaugh) Miller, Vicki Shell, Jerry Duff, Sherry (August) Eady, Sue (Howell) Miller, Keith Rutledge, Anita (Adams) Rutledge, Steve Haines, Fred Bollenbacher, Reed Shaffer

Row 3- Tom Kimmel, Bob Brown, Tom Stephenson, John Painter, Rex Miller, Steve Graham, Jack Berry, Ron Dietrich, Lu (Roehm) Grunden, Jim DeArmond, Jackson Ireland, Van Riley, Steve Thompson, Tim Bollenbacher, Jack Provci, Myron Myers


The Parkway Class of 1980 Reminisces at 35th Reunion

The Parkway Class of 1980 held its 35th Reunion on Friday, August 28th and Saturday, August 29th at Schroyer Truck Museum.  On Friday, several members of the class attended the Parkway vs. Crestview football game.  A golf scramble was held the next morning at Deerfield for class members and families.  The culminating event was the social time and a dinner which took place on Saturday evening.  Thirty class members were in attendance for the party on Saturday, along with their high school principal, two junior high teachers, their band director, and their Campus Life leader.

Pictured are (left to right)

Front: Barb Bogle Hileman, Barb White Miller, Vicki Bollenbacher, Polly Thieman Muhlenkamp, Mr. Norm VanTilburg, Mr. Wayne Shively, Mrs. Jane Shively, Mr. Dick Sherrick, Mr. Ed Weirrick, Sandy Garver King, Lori Granger Davis, Jackie Stetler Ogg, Mary Stetler Manley

Back: Tony Sill, Todd Marsee, Rod Leighner, Dewayne Salway, Roger Craft, Kathy King Fisher, Steve Kuhn, Karla Sidenbender Butler, Jim Wann, Lori Sidenbender Likens, Rick Muhlenkamp, Jill Crabtree Yoder, Loren Shindeldecker, John Morrison, Lisa Michaud Glenn, Tim Dellinger, Jeff Byer, Greg Brigner, Craig Schroyer, Randy Thomas, Bruce Bollenbacher, Bruce Custer



Parkway Class of 1964

50th reunion picture – Thank you Linda Stover for Sharing



Rockford High School  Class of 1959 - 55th Reunion  Held June 7, 2014

Front Row: Julie Smalley Long, Esther Schmidt Coleman, Jean Shindeldecker Giese, Nancy Carr Temple, Carolyn Shaffer Jamieson, Kay Kettering Thomas, Linda Pierstorff Zsembik, Betty Grossnickel Felver, Bonnie Brehm Barna

Second Row: John Runyan, George Weinman, Jerry Rutledge, Larry Sapp, Tom Ransbottom, Mark Rutledge, John Hileman, Ernie Felver

Top Row: Keith Kable, Jon Binkley, Bill Fritzinger, Roger Jamieson, Jerry Luth, Dave Binkley, Stan Hunter, Jim Provci



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