January 4, 2017

TO: Local Media

FROM: Mike Kirkendall, Court Reporter

RE: Court activity



Joe Quevedo, 52, Van Wert, admitted to violating his probation by refusing to report for a drug screen and refusing to cooperate with probation. He was sentenced to 360 days jail with credit for 332 days already served.



Jonnie Krouse, 40, Ft. Wayne, entered a plea of guilty to a Prosecutorís Bill of Information charging her with Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, M1. She also changed her plea to guilty to an amended charge of Aggravated Possession of Drugs, F5 and to Improper Handling Firearm in a Motor Vehicle, F4. She then requested and was granted Treatment in Lieu of Conviction on the drug and weapons charges, and was sentenced on the OVI charge as follows: 1 years community control, 1 year intensive probation, 3 days jail, credit for 3 days served, license suspended 6 months, substance abuse assessment and treatment, fined $375 plus court costs, monthly probation supervision fees, partial appointed counsel fees . also sentenced to 30 days additional days jail at a later date.

Sergio Freire, 24, St Paul, MN, changed his plea to Guilty to a Prosecutorís Bill of Information to Illegal Use of Marijuana Paraphernalia, MM. Sentenced to $25 fine plus costs


Jeremy Whitaker, 36, Delphos, admitted to violating his probation by overdosing and then testing positive for opiates. He was re-sentenced to: Community control under the same condition plus, 60 days jail, intensive outpatient treatment at Westwood and assessment for medically assisted drug treatment.


Terrence Branson, 21, Van Wert, Theft F5. Sentenced to: 5 years community control, 30 days jail, additional 60 days jail at a later date, 200 hours community service, substance abuse assessment and treatment, 3 years intensive probation, ordered to pay court costs, monthly probation fee, plus partial appointed counsel fees.

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