2012 Upcoming Events
The Laurels of Shane Hill & Maplewood of Shane’s Village
10731 State Route 118, Rockford, Ohio

For information, call Leah Hayes at 419-363-2620

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February  2013 Birthdays for Shane Hill and Maplewood
Happy Birthday to:

Feb 16th Joan Hasis

Feb. 19th Dmeria Bryan

Feb. 21st Katie Stewart

Feb 25th John Barbor and Sophie Pfister

January  2013 Birthdays for Shane Hill and Maplewood
Happy Birthday to:

Jan. 8th  Rachel Webb
Jan.18th Henry Gaines
Jan 20th  Mary Boroff
Jan. 31st Clara Davis



Shane Hill Celebrates December 2012 Birthdays!

Dec 1st Lucille Gertz
Dec 5th Betty Kuhn and Winnie Ruhlin
Dec 11th Floyd Agler
Dec 12th Doris Barker
Dec 24th Charlene Thees and Wanda Fahncke
Dec 25th Everett Fannon


Shane Hill Celebrates September 2012 Birthdays!
Sept 2nd  Bessie Fahncke

Sept 3rd  Clifford "Howdy" Garwick

Sept. 6th Ernest Green

Sept. 10th Charles Blair

Sept. 24th Wilma Agler
Shane Hill Celebrates August 2012 Birthdays!

1st  Lois Rager and Betty Hayes

5th Betty Coombs

9th Greg Pontsler

10th Lester Heyne

15th Marge Felver

17th Jean Boroff

18th Peg Hodge

21st Betty Johnson

22nd Margery Smalley

23rd Luella Homan

26th Stanley Shellabarger

27th Floyd Highley

28th Panthea Travers

29th Lavon Pinkston

30th Richard Williams
Shane Hill Celebrates July 2012 Birthdays!
Jean Thomas July 1st, Thelma Hawk July 10th, Phyllis Kuhn July 17th, Carolyn Caywood July 21st, Doris Hoffman July 27th, Opal Barber July 28th

Shane Hill Laurels Celebrates Valentine's Day
The Laurels of Shane Hill held their annual Valentine’s King & Queen Contest during the month of February.  King, George “Frank” Stoner and Queen, Betty Hayes were named Resident King & Queen for 2012! Their families helped them celebrate on February 14th during the resident Valentine’s Day party.



First Valentine's Ball in Rockford Enjoyed by Many
The Laurels of Shane Hill and Maplewood of Shane’s Village hosted the first annual Valentine’s Ball on Saturday, February 11th at the Rockford Community Building. Over 200 people attended the event and guests were complimented with a delicious meal provided by The Laurels  which consisted of roast beef, chicken breast, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, roll & butter, salad and red velvet cake.  The crowd was musically entertained by The Al Best Band which played a variety of polka, line dancing and big band music . Numerous door prizes were given away, including a patio loveseat bench to Betty Bowman.  The 50/50 raffle drawing went to Bill Albright who took home $166.  Half way through the evening donation baskets were passed around to take a collection for the Leota Braun Foundation.  The total amount raised was $1,600 and presented to Leota Braun Executive Director Bob Maurer and Assistant Treasurer Susan Sheppard.


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