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What’s Been Happening at Parkway Elementary?

By: PHS Junior Kara Heck


The past several weeks for Parkway's Elementary students have been eventful. On October 19th, Parkway's Kindergarten class went on a field trip to Lincoln Ridge for a day of learning. Students picked out their own pumpkins and learned how a pumpkin grows. Then on October 25th , COSI On Wheels came to Parkway Elementary with the theme Energy. The Elementary students were invited to visit different stations to gain experience in science. Following this event, on November 2nd and 3rd the first and second grade classes went to the OSU Theatre to watch a play called, The Amazing Adventures of Baron M. The play was interactive with the audience and kept the children's attention. After the show, the students were taken backstage where they were shown the costumes and how the set was constructed. To say the least, Parkway Elementary has had a very adventurous month.

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